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I'm Ashley Dehnke (pronounced DANK-EE). I was born in the '80s, raised in Colorado; I drink black coffee, listen to Radiohead, obsess over nature, and love learning all about art and design. I believe that fairies do exist, and dressing as a butterfly fixes everything.

I will deliver memorable brand and web designs to your business and capture your dream client.

But that's enough about me...

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It's time to invest in a website

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Like most, I never imagined that doing something you love could make you money. But I'm here to tell you it can. Maybe you already have a great thing going with a solid business plan, and you want to revamp your brand strategy to showcase how magical you really are. Or you are just starting and could use a little guidance on all things branding and web design. Maybe your goal is to stand out and let your mission be heard. Either way, it's time to invest in you

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A Rye Whiskey Distillery Known for using natural infusions. Based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Sold all over the US.

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This e-commerce pup and pet company is based in Nashville, Tennessee. They make handmade bandanas, toys, leashes, and even masks, utilizing recycled and donated materials. proceeds from some products go to local rescues.

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Led by two time James Beard Nominated Chef, Andy Little, this upscale, elegant yet welcoming menu is rooted from Pensylvania Dutch cuisine, and it's to die for. Whether you’re coming in for a special occasion or dropping in for a drink at the bar, Josephine’s dedication to gracious hospitality promises a warm and refined experience for every guest. Josephine is located in the heart of the 12 South neighborhood in Nashville, Tennessee.


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"Ashley has been an intricate part of my small dog business for years, so she was the obvious choice when I needed a website.  What I couldn’t predict was just how stellar she was going to make the site. She took it to a place far beyond what I could have imagined. She highlighted what made my business so special and added little details to the website that made it unique while also being user friendly. On top of all of this, she also taught me the tools to run it myself and make small changes when necessary. She does a great job being available for when I have questions or need bigger changes to my website. Ashley has a passion for small business and can take ordinary and make it extraordinary."

- Abby Walters, FurEever Friends



Together we will build your dream website that not only looks dope, but functions properly and turns your site visitors into paying customers.

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Collaborate to design the perfect logo and overall brand guide so you and your business look like the best of the best.

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Some quality one-on-one time to get you where you want to be on all things business. From inventory to event planning, you name it, I've done it.

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