Sure, you could build your own site and design your own logo that may look pretty enough, but it will not (I promise) give you the results you are looking for. It's time to invest in someone like me, who will work hard, obsess over all the details, and provide you with a results-driven site and a cohesive brand design that makes your business magical (and money)! 


1. Web Design

Package One

(For those who are loaded up with logos, branding, copy, photos, and graphics)

  • Strategy Consultation on your brand and business goals. We will work one-on-one to find the perfect layout and all things needed to make this project successful. 

  • Customized website design and code on any platform you feel most comfortable with. Don't worry; I'll walk you through our options to give you the best pricing and ease of use. I want to make sure you have the power to make changes to YOUR site without having to run back to me (I'm always here for you if you need me!).

  • Mobile-friendly integration because over 50% of consumers will look at your site on their smartphone instead of laptops or desktop.  

  • Design with UX in mind ( UX = the experience the user has while using your site). We want to make sure that this experience goes as smoothly as possible, so those users turn into paid customers.

  • Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO. You've probably heard this term before, but it's an important part of your digital strategy. Long story short, it's all the keywords, descriptions, image tags, and titles that make it possible for your customer or client to find you on the web through any search engine, like Google! Fun Fact - creating a blog and actively updating it increases your SEO traffic significantly.

  • Custom domain & connection, if you don't already have one. Suppose you do already have one, great! I'll take care of the smooth transfer.

  • "Under Construction" or "Coming Soon" landing page so that you can start as soon as possible!

  • All the many details you might not think about, like making sure all links to your social media are correct, creating an account with Google Business, Apple Maps Connect, Yelp for business, contact page, event page, sign-up forms, email list set up, or email provider integration. All these details matter!

  • 2 weeks of tech support post-launch, so we can check on site-speed, Google analytics, or any changes you desire! I'm here for YOU.  Please feel free to always reach out with questions or concerns. Let's be successful together.

Add On's

  • Yearly domain subscription

  • Host subscription (like on

  • Personalized email (

  • E-commerce site/page

  • Blog page/podcast 

  • Additional support or updates after 2 weeks



Package Two

(For those who are READY for a positive change. Good for you! Includes all services in packages one & two. Because you deserve them.)

  • Brand personality exploration, so we can nail down exactly how you want your brand to vibe and how to attract your perfect client. Your brand is way more than just a logo. This is an extensive 1-on-1 process with lots of brainstorming! We will dig deep into your brand identity to make sure your brand is cohesive across all channels, and you look like the best of the best in your field.

  • Brand logo design - primary, secondary, and watermark

  • The customized color pallet for your logo, website, newsletters, Instagram, etc.

  • Custom font styling, which I recommend three styles- header, body, and decorative. These are for all the things like your website, invoices, contracts, etc.

  • Graphic design needs to make any of your photos or documents pop or any other collateral needs.

  • Copywriting helps best describe your story, mission, product/service, and overall brand.

  • Complete brand style guidelines, so you know exactly what codes to use for web, print, and font files, and have a cohesive brand across all your channels and graphics.

Add On's

  • Instagram temples

  • Canva templets

  • Business cards

  • Personalized stationary

  • Any other collateral designs of your choice

2. Web Design & Branding

Brand Designer Nashville

Package Three

(This is for those who need a little one-on-one attention and could use help in all things business, not just branding.)

  • Discover who your ideal customer could be, if you need to be in a niche market, and where you are currently finding customers/clients/guests.

  • Evaluate your entire sales process, from how much you are charging, if you are paying yourself for your time, or how you go about selling your business to potential clients. 

  • Check out your marketing strategy, and evaluate what areas need to improve to turn visitors into paying customers, including paid advertising, community outreach, and all things PR.

  • Evaluate your online presence, like your current website and what updates are needed to grab the online world's attention, reset your SEO strategy, review your google analytics, and so on. 

  • Enhance your social media presence by learning new and fun techniques to grab more attention and tell the right story through campaigning. Also, we will make sure your brand strategy and vibe through all media channels stays constant and on-point. 

  • Help with crucial processes and systems needed to run a business, and stay organized! Everything from inventory management, cash flow systems, training systems, staffing or event scheduling, payroll needs, etc. 


3. Mentorship

small business brand strategy